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Christmas, a Moment in a Tear.

Er is een videoclip gemaakt in een sfeervolle omgeving

De muziekopname is van demokwaliteit maar het nummer zelf is

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Christmas, a moment in a tear


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The autumn marks the year,

and the wind brings shivering

my house shelters spring

starting a beginning

a moment in a tear

Distance grows, mountains rise

there is snow, the water dies

the valley green, a flower weeps

winter comes, we go to sleep

a moment in a tear

the summer turns to memories

it became the good old days

pictures needed to be near

to keep the spirit up for me

a moment in a tear

thousands words, were they spilled

a hundred laughters, were they killed

a few dances, flown away

just that kiss, down the drain

a moment in a tear


I just bought a Christmas tree

the garden gets a lightened evening

candle, and a mistletoe

that kiss will tell a Christmas Carol

a moment in a tear

I post the cards, receive the mail

funny pictures, smiling Santa

ho ho ho sound in the mall

advertises what’s for diner

a moment in a tear

I light the fire, set the table

get inspired so I make diner

turkey stuffed with something special

dessert with whipped cream topping

a moment in a tear

Christmas is coming

Christmas is here

Christmas is everywhere

Christmas is fabulous

a moment in a tear

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